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Digital Paper Source is a supplier for all your wide format inkjet and commercial printing products. DPS
is part of the #1 Network group. Twenty one independent distributors across the U.S. who co-own the Network. This gives us the leverage and buying power of a national organization combined with the advantage of local service and support. Please browse our web-site for the products and services we offer.
Fuji Discontinues Imagesetter Film
Fujifilm has announced they will be exiting the Graphics Arts film business by November of this year (2016). DPS, in conjunction with #1 Network, has the products to help make your transition seamless. Let us know your needs and we'll get you samples to test and prices to compete. We have the following high quality products:

Cut, Engrave, Mark and Image
Universal Laser Systems is an innovator in the field of laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking equipment, and the laser material processing systems we manufacture are the products of decades of experience and a commitment to research and development.
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